Geometry of nonadiabatic quantum hydrodynamics

Geometry of nonadiabatic quantum hydrodynamics

Michael. S. Foskett, Darryl. D. Holm, Cesare Tronci

(Submitted on 3 Jul 2018)

By using standard momentum maps from geometric mechanics, we collectivize the mean-field (MF) and exact factorization (EF) models of molecular quantum dynamics into two different quantum fluid models. After deriving the corresponding quantum fluid models, we regularize each of their Hamiltonians for finite  by introducing spatial smoothing. The 0 dynamics of the Lagrangian paths of the classical nuclear fluid flows for both MF and EF can be written and contrasted as finite dimensional canonical Hamiltonian systems for the evolution in phase space of singular solutions called Bohmions, in which each nucleus follows a Lagrangian path in configuration space. Comparison is also made with the variational dynamics of a new type of Bohmian trajectories, which arise from Hamilton’s principle with spatially smoothed quantum potential with finite .



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