CHAMPS PDRAs attend the Workshop on the “Geometry of Chemical Reaction Dynamics in Gas and Condensed Phases” held at the Telluride Science Center on July 17-27, 2018

In July 2018, three of the CHAMPS PDRA’s: Rafael Garcia Meseguer, Matthaios Katsanikas and Vladimir Krajnak, attended the workshop ‘Geometry of Chemical Reaction Dynamics in Gas and Condensed Phases’ at the Telluride Science Research Center in Telluride, CO, USA. The meeting focussed on theoretical aspects of chemical reaction dynamics and forms a platform for discussions about extensions of theory from lower to higher dimensional systems and from gas to condensed phases. Apart from meeting some of the leading researchers in the field and discussing ideas for future work, the PDRA’s also shared their contributions to the field. Rafael gave a talk on the applications of Lagrangian descriptors to finding dividing surfaces and invariant structures, Matthaios shared his findings on phase space transport in the Caldera model and Vladimir reported on the phase space mechanism behind Roaming in Chesnavich’s model and its evolution under parameter variations.

Telluride 2018 #1Telluride 2018 #2Telluride 2018 #3




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