CHAMPS Book Sprint – December 6-9, 2019

CHAMPS Book Sprint

On December 6-9, 2019, CHAMPS PDRAs Makrina Agaoglou, Broncio Aguilar Sanjuan, Rafael Garcia-Meseguer, Francisco Gonzalez-Montoya, Matthaios Katsanikas, Vladimir Krajnak, Shibabrat Naik, PI Stephen Wiggins, and collaborator Victor Jose Garcia-Garrido of the Universidad de Alcala in Spain held a book sprint.

A book sprint is a method of creating a book collaboratively in a short period of time. The book sprint was held at Engineers House in Bristol which afforded an atmosphere promoting intensive collaboration with minimal distractions. The book is an account of our results, approach, and future directions on the phase space approach to chemical reaction dynamics. The book was produced using Jupyter Book and is available at The result is the book entitled “Chemical Reactions: A Journey into Phase Space”. It is our intention that the book will appeal both to mathematicians and to chemists and will serve as an entry into the field. Indeed, the GitHub framework provides a mechanism for scientific collaboration and we invite the interested scientific community to contribute to the further development of the book. Instructions for this are on the GitHub site for the book (



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