Champs Project – Summer Students 2020

The Champs team have had a very successful summer with a number of students working closely with the Champs PI and several PDRAs on projects.

Below is a list of names of those who worked on the project over the summer and the titles of their project, a few of which have written papers.

Prof. Stephen Wiggins

Student name – Cate Mandell

Title of Project  – “The Role of Time Dependent Phase Space Structures on Reaction Dynamics and the No-Recrossing Property of Dividing Surfaces”

She wrote a paper on her research that has been accepted in the “International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos”.

Student name – Zara Graham-Jones and Michael Turner, they worked together on the following project

Title of Project  – “Lagrangian Descriptors and Bohmian Mechanics” they have written a paper on their project

Dr Shibabrat Naik + Prof. Stephen Wiggins co-advised the following students and their respective topics:

Computation and visualization of phase space structures relevant for chemical reaction dynamics

Student name: Sam Spedding

Title: Two Degree of Freedom Hamiltonian Systems in Chemical Reaction Dynamics – A Phase Space Analysis

Student name: Bing En Gan

Title: Computation and visualization of phase space structures in Reaction Dynamics

Student name: Piero Sarti (LMS summer research award)

Title: Visualizing the 2-Well and 3-Well Deleon-Berne Hamiltonian

Student name: Annie Hu

Title: Poincaré sections, gap times, and directional flux in De Leon-Berne Hamiltonian 

Student name: Wenyang Lyu

Title: Classical-quantum correspondence in the saddle-node Hamiltonian

Published paper based on work over winter and spring term:

There are manuscripts in preparation based on the individual summer project reports.

Dr. Vladimir Krajnak

Student name – Mark Pearson

Title of Project – Phase space structures in the ‘Helium atom’

Dr Francisco Gonzalez Montoya

Student name –  Charlotte Quant

Title of Project  –  The Quantum Inverted Oscillator

Name – Edward Sharp

Title of Project  –  The Tunnel Effect and the Anderson Localization

Dr Makrina Agaoglou + Dr Matthaios Katsanikas

Student name – Yibin Geng.

Title of Project  –  “The dynamical matching as a bifurcation effect in caldera potential energy surfaces”

Student name – Rebecca Crossley

Title of Project  –  “From Poincare Maps to Lagrangian Descriptors: The case of the VRI potential”

Student name – Douglas Haigh

Title of Project  –  “The time evolution of the selectivity in a symmetric potential energy surface with a post-transition-state bifurcation”

The plan is to submit their drafts in scientific journals in the near future. Some of the titles might change for the submission.


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