Rafa Meseguer-20170906-WA0000
R. Garcia-Meseguer | Bristol

Rafael Garcia-Meseguer | University of Bristol | PDRA  (2017 ~ 2020)

Rafael was one of our very first Champs PDRA’s cohort when the project first launched in 2017. After a productive 2.5 years working under the supervision of Profs. Stephen Wiggins and Barry Carpenter we are pleased to report that Rafael has now taken up a new position as Investigador Doctor at the Universitat de Valencia.




S. Hare | Bristol

Stephanie Hare | University of Bristol | PDRA (2018 ~ 2020)

Stephanie joined Champs in 2018 working in the Chemistry department under the supervision of Profs. Barry Carpenter and David Glowacki. After a very successful 2 years Stephanie has now taken up a new Postdoctoral Researcher position at the University of Washington, Chemical Engineering.